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For nearly 40 years, Luvata Special Products has designed and produced a wide range of products specifically for the welding sector. Our products come in many different shapes and alloys and have been specifically designed to meet your exact welding needs.

Our welding products


Luvata Special Products resistance-welding electrodes are used in robotic welding machines, primarily in automotive applications.  

Applications for Luvata Special Products' welding products

  • Resistance welding 
  • Projection welding
  • Arc welding
  • Contact tips for MIG and MAG welding
  • Gas cutting nozzles
  • Plasma and laser cutting nozzles


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Our welding products


The Situation

Toyota came to us to help them increase productivity through improved manufacturing efficiencies in their automotive business.

All car manufacturers are continually seeking improvements in processes, reductions in downtime and decreases in costs. The particular challenge this time was to improve the quality of welding in the face of the adverse welding conditions created by coated steel materials. At the same time, they wanted to reduce downtime and decrease costs.

The Solution

We worked with Toyota to develop welding electrode profiles and alloys that could consistently deliver high weld-standards throughout the life of the electrode - minimising downtime, reject welds, and waste. The unique blend of alloy composition and proprietary cold working properties enhanced performance and was particularly suited for use with coated materials. The result was superior welding products produced from dispersion-strengthened and zirconium coppers, combined with a special mechanical deformation process.

Since we entered the resistance-welding market in 1978, we have always strived to exceed our customers’ expectations. Today, we continue to set standards in manufacturing methods and quality control. From engineering to production scheduling, to customer service and process engineering capabilities, Luvata Special Products is recognised as the leading manufacturer of resistance welding products.

Welding Alloys

Luvata Special Products' metallurgical expertise provides customers with flexibility to pursue custom-made alloys to optimize their specific welding application whether it is for automotive, bus bar, electrical components, or rack and custom assemblies.

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